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Sample Mission Giant's CD, Brotherhood of the Plug, below (top, left).

Evil Treats (top, right) was performed live for DFW area trick-or-treaters on Halloween night, 2005. All songs culled from over two hours of spooky improvisation.

Mission Giant Live and on the Air (bottom, right) was recorded for the Local Live radio show on Austin's KVRX 91.7 FM. Hear some of tracks from the performance.

Brotherhood of the Plug
2004 Uncle Buzz Records/Socket Sounds - Socket01/UBR15

1. life
2. water wings
3. get fun alot

Evil Treats
2006 Fellowshipwreck Music - FM49

front cover art (jpg)
back cover art (jpg)

1. entry
2. beelzebubble
3. in the attic
4. in the spirit
5. you're gonna need more luminol
6. funhouse fun
7. chaos
8. roadside deposit

Live and on the Air
Disc One: KVRX 91.7 FM Austin TX 09-26-04 Local Live (Select)
2004 Fellowshipwreck Music FM44

1. robotsong (live)
2. potential for future dynamics (live)
3. amphetamine kiss (live)
4. life (live)
5. music for stephen hawking to whistle to (live)

  2007 Mission Giant